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Treatments Helping

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Treatments Helping Published in Fort Frances Times , July 19, 2006

This is a letter to the editor from the kind lady who no longer uses her
walking cane after a few sessions at the Brockie Wellness Center.

Mr. Editor:

I would like a small space in your paper to say how Craig Brockie’s Wellness Center helped me.

Last November, I got a real bad backache. I took pain pills, as well as had four chiropractic treatments, but they all didn’t help. It got so I couldn’t sit even. I only could sleep if I rubbed it with deep heat liniment, but my back still ached.

In May, I saw Brockie’s ad so I said try it—I couldn’t be any sorer. I started on May 6. After two hours, I felt good, so I decided to try for more. I went once a week. After five treatments, the pain had stopped and now I’m feeling fine.

After each session [in an EESystem] I feel relaxed, so I’m to keep going when I feel I need it.

Vera Croswell
Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada

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