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Chiropractic and Martial Arts

By February 7, 2018No Comments
EESystem used in Chiropractic Practice & Martial Arts School

“As a practicing Chiropractor, Medical Intuitive, and Martial Artist, my experience with EESytem is unique. I have worked in around the EESystem since 2001 and have found my skills, my patients’ well-being, and my students’ training have all been greatly enhanced. For me, the EESystem enhances my intuitive skills to see inside the body. While performing “Cellular Release” with my patients the releases go much faster than before and we can go deeper. Chiropractic adjustments are much easier than ever before. My patients are much more relaxed and opened up to be worked on physically and emotionally. Patients seems to have brain hemisphere balancing during sessions. We’ve also incorporated EESystem into our Martial Arts school. I have studied the martial arts for over 23 years with training in many styles, including: Japanese Jujutsu, Judo, Karate, Iai-jutsu, Kai-jutsu, Jo-jutsu, Bo-jutsu, Aikido, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, KI-jutsu and more. Even with all my training, I have never experienced the surge of energy I get while in the EESystem. To learn more about Dr. Patrick Price, the Body Detective, and the Price Chiropractic & Wellness Center in Houston, Texas, Click HERE.

Dr. Patrick Price is a practicing Chiropractor, Martial Arts Master and International Speaker.
He currently teaches
“Body Detective” seminars on how to become a Medical Intuitive.

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