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Dr. Bob Delmonteque

By February 7, 2018No Comments
Dr. Bob Delmonteque Experiences EESystem

“I have never ever become so relaxed.
I have personally meditated over 60 years and can take myself into a state of consciousness at a deep relaxing level, but Sandra’s technology has gone beyond that. I was able to relax like never before at that deep state of consciousness. I was able to activate my cells at the cellular level and get such passion and energy as never before. As a doctor, I believe that stress is one of our biggest killers, although we don’t read about it in the obituary column. It’s the killer that hides behind many of our chronic ailments, diseases, and death. The EESystem relaxes your stress and activates your life force to get you to start living again!”
– Dr. Bob Delmonteque

To learn more about Lifelong Fitness and Dr. Bob Delmonteque’s anti-aging secrets visit his website, Click HERE.





Left: Senior Fitness Expert Dr. Bob Delmonteque’s book Lifelong Fitness, Right: Fabulously impressive in his 80’s, Dr. Bob Delmonteque celebrating with Sandra (in her 50’s) and actress Linda Gray (60’s), at their anti-aging birthday party in California.

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