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Wonderful Technology

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Wonderful Technology

“I also must take this moment to Thank Profusely Dr. Sandra Rose Michael for Her Loving Support and Wisdom in guiding me to You and to Open International University of Complementary Medicine (OIUCM) — and for the great contributions she has provided through her Genuine – Genius – Integrous Spirit, and the wonderful Technology She has brought forth into Our World.

We have so far been able to secure a verbal commitment from China Central Government to have a 10,000 square foot (1000 square metre) Venue in the Olympic Village area, during the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, to showcase Our AHA! Spa concept, of Virtual and Energetic Environments for Human Transformation. I shall be exploring the ways we can combine Our different technologies in this oppportunity as well.”

Enrico A. Melson, MD Chairman and Chief Health Officer AHA! Ventures, Inc. Silicon Valley, USA Beijing, PRC Dubai, UAE

Enrico A. Melson, MD

Click HERE to AHA! Ventures, Inc. a company committed to the creation, discovery, integration and delivery of new “Best of the Best” products and services that address the needs of global population for innovative large-scale IT-enabled solutions.

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