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Catching the Wave

By February 7, 2018No Comments
Catching the Wave
By Anna Christensen, MA

That glow of vitality that radiates from us when we are experiencing optimal health and wellbeing is a direct expression of the life force.

We are surrounded by a field of energy that gives us life and penetrates into every cell in our body. The human body produces its own energy field through the motions of electrical charges in the heart and brain. Everything from cell formation and division to the functions and interactions of our organ systems are dependent on these vibrational frequencies. Each cell, in order to repair and regenerate itself vibrates within a range of 70-90 millivolts. An inability to sustain itself at this level manifests as stress, illness or symptoms of accelerated aging.

One of the most exciting technologies currently emerging in the field of alternative medicine is grounded in these basic facts of life. Dr Sandra Rose Michael, an internationally recognised innovator, has developed the Energy Enhancement System (EES) that utilises the unique energy field produced by scalar waves to regenerate the physical body.

Scalar waves are quite different from other electromagnetic energy. Being fifth dimensional and non-linear they are not restricted by time and space, which makes them unconditioned and uncontaminated. Scalar energy is the life force as pure potentiality.

The EESystem uses computer programs that generate scalar waves. Anyone within the energy field that is created can benefit from their extraordinary healing properties. Every cell in the body is encouraged to detox, repair and regenerate.

The first time I experienced a scalar wave I laughed with delight. I felt like I was truly holding “infinity in the palm of my hand” to quote William Blake.

My EESystem sessions are quite diverse. One session may zero in on my heart chakra, releasing old energy patterns and blockages. Another session may focus on my right knee that has been extremely painful due to a recent injury. In other sessions stress and anxiety are exchanged for a mental clarity and I’m able to concentrate on tasks for long periods. I may emerge feeling as I’ve been in a deep mediation for hours. I feel grounded and secure in a deeply spiritual way. Sometimes I don’t notice anything at all, but in the days following the session I notice an unusual degree of flow with the people and events in my life, along with a greater amount of happiness, as if the lights in my cells were switched on.

Catch the wave for yourself and be carried into an enhanced way of being.

– Anna Christensen, MA

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