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Honored by MontSegur Foundation

By February 7, 2018No Comments
Sandra honored by MontSegur Foundation

On January 3, 2005, Sandra Rose Michael
was honored with an award from the
MontSegur Foundation

“On behalf of the Foundation of MontSegur, we deeply honor Dr. Sandra Rose Michael this evening for her outstanding contribution to the field’s of health and energy medicine, and for her outstanding wisdom and commitment to carrying her deep esoteric knowledge and sharing it with the world for decades. Sandra has been a pillar of strength over the years for so many of us, in so many ways, unfaltering. She truly is the only health professional I know that never gets sick, can stay up three nights in a row and speak at a convention the following day. She truly IS an energy queen.

Sandra’s commitment and consistency in the sharing of her innumerable gifts, including her renowned HHFe technology, has created thousands of bridges to others of like mind across the planet for years now.

Sandra, the Foundation of MontSegur could not have been born without the important roles you have played in it. From your wisdom and guidance to your savvy networking, you have been such a tremendous key in bringing together so many of the core members and talent pool that have stepped up to give it flight. Thank you. Thank you for your dedication to creating a more health conscious and ecstatic world for everyone and I want to personally thank you for being one of the greatest friends and teachers I have ever known.

On behalf of the Foundation of MontSegur, I thank you for your previous acceptance as an honorary founding partner and present you this evening with this award of deep appreciation and gratitude. Thank You.”

—Tamara Keller, Visionary and Co-Founder of the Foundation of MontSegur

The Foundation of MontSegur is an international organization leading and uniting the consciousness movement in disseminating information and knowledge through the vehicles of education, media, products, and services inspiring and creating unified leadership in action, heralding a quantum shift and expansion of life quality deeply felt and celebrated on a vast global scale.

For more information on:
The Foundation of MontSegur:
70-225 Highway 111, Suite C 303
Rancho Mirage, California, USA 92270

Phone/Fax: 800-320-3905

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