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Exciting Breakthrough

By February 7, 2018No Comments
Exciting Breakthrough Research Reported by 4 Unit EESystem Owner, Linda Paulhus

The following was the initial email about the October research from a blood clinic done in Massachusetts with a hematologist who has 30 yrs experience. A research project is currently in progress in Oregon and it looks like a grant for EESystem research with the NIH is to be submitted by Dr Victor Marcial Vega, who has just completed his book, plus we are looking forward to having research done at Harvard Medical School with Dr. Anup Kanodia.

We are also scheduled to do clinical studies in May with the new University for Humanity with Sir Dr. Kevin King in Nassau in the Bahamas which will then be presented at the next World Organization of Natural Medicine Congress May 30- June 1, 2006, which you are all invited to attend.

In the meantime… there are a number of people in remission now w/ ALS… and Carole Bergeron, the Hematologist, has already been quoted as saying, “There has been a 100% improvement in the blood in 100% of the cases that I have looked at.” This latest research is w/ an FDA approved test which has never had a single recorded case of improved numbers …100% of people’s numbers showed documented improvement after 1 hour in the scalar EESystem!!! This can also help explain the consistently profound results seen w/ diabetes as well. Am looking forward to personally reviewing the full documentation!

Linda wrote: “I believe that we have finally resolved the cause and treatment of MND disease. The solution came this weekend ironically from the use of an F.D.A. approved test that was used with patients. This test shows the normal ratio of water absorption both externally and internally in the cells. The cells contain fats which absorb nutrients in order to circulate them through the blood. Around the cells are receptors. They are prong shaped and also the pathways for nutrients to enter. Once the numbers deteriorate from the norm, this standardized test has historically shown that cells cannot improve [with treatments or products]. This is because the pathways are blocked with plaque [flour and protein]. Due to malabsorption and lack of fluid absorption, the cells start deteriorating and taking on an irregular shape [as well as “clumping”]. Oxygen levels in the body are then reduced. As mentioned in my original paper, “A” Are “L” Loved ones S “Starving to death—due to carbohydrate addiction? I believe this is the primary cause of muscle wasting and glucose irregularity with other diseases as well. Although proof exists that these numbers cannot be changed, we now know they can be changed. Through dietary changes [elimination of flour and other medium chain carbs] as well as scalar treatments, the numbers improve within an hour. We are now seeing changes that may have not been possible. It appears the scalar is breaking down the plaque and opening up the pathways so that fluids and nutrients can be absorbed.”

In another email, she wrote:
“re: some health concerns. The products are not purchased from me and are the result of 60 years of clinical research [detoxification]. They have worked again and again with thousands of people with medical issues. (referring to the Essiac formula)

The second reason I am contacting you is because I can tell you we have had a major breakthrough with motor neuron disease. A nurse/hematologist [for 30 years] who blood tests patients has all of the findings stored on software to prove this.

We have found a lifetime of plaque in the liver impairs the absorption of nutrients and fluids in the cells. Plaque is looked at with other brain disorders, cardiovascular, etc. For the plaque to reach it’s destination, it must pass through the liver. When fully involved, liver function is minimized. No longer can one absorb nutrients and fluids or eliminate waste—henceforth, causing disease.

We used an FDA test that measures the fluids entering the cells against normal percentages. This test, regardless of products used, has never improved. We used new technology [clinically tested] that has improved the numbers in 100% of the individuals tested. What this means is, muscle wasting and brain deficits can improve with better aborption and elimination of waste.

My best to you,

Linda Paulhus

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