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EEsystem Discussed in Book

By February 7, 2018No Comments
EESystem discussed in Book

The best-selling book Wake Up . . . Live the Life You Love: On the Enlightened Path compiled by Steven E. and Lee Beard, with an introduction by Pamela Harper, discusses Sandra and the EESystem.

More about this title: “With divine purpose, the co-authors in this exceptional anthology embark upon “an Enlightened Path” to turn the tide and direct the course of humanity. It is imperative at this point in our collective evolution that this dedicated and evolved group . . . share words and wisdom to evoke an even greater force for postiive change.” Don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements ), Dr. Wayne Dyer, Sarah Cloe Burns, and other join Pamela Harper and 30 others in a unique look at spirituality in America – and beyond.

This title is available through Barnes & Noble online. Click HERE for more information or to order.

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