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EEsystem Helps Body Function

By February 7, 2018No Comments
EESystem helps body function at optimal levels
By Linda Greenslade

The Founder of the Energy Enhancement System (EESystem), Dr. Sandra Rose Michael says “We live in an age where we are constantly being bombarded with negative frequencies, unclean air, as well as nutritionally compromised food and tainted water that is no where near as pure as it should be. Our bodies are in great need of support. The EESystem is that support”.

The EESystem is designed to create an environment in which the mind and the body can function at their normal, optimum level. This promotes health and well being.

The EESystem consists of four to twelve computers that can be installed in any room, be it a conference room, an office, a treatment room or a bedroom. Installation is within a month worldwide. Maintenance is readily available although the EESystem is easy to look after.

By cancelling out linear electromagnetic waves, a unique space of zero point energy is created in the room. Rather than being a vacuum in which no energy exists, the space is filled with non-linear scalar waves. A multiple bioactive energy field is created that also includes the natural frequency of the earth and that found in virgin rainforests.

Looking similar to the double helix of the DNA chain, scalar waves occur naturally throughout all space. Their energy is constant, remaining over time. They are self-repairing and can pass through solid objects.

Being in an EESystem room has an immediate effect on every cell in the body. Every day, electromagnetic pollution interferes with our normal body frequency. This compromises our health. The cells of the body vibrate at their optimum frequency under the influence of scalar waves. The cell walls become more permeable. Nutrients are absorbed more readily. Toxins are quickly released from the tissues into the blood stream that is itself made more fluid and so able to carry the toxins away more effectively. Cells regenerate faster.

People who have experienced the EESystem for as little as thirty minutes have reported feeling remarkably better, physically, mentally and spiritually. Clinical trials have shown the EESystem acts as an antidepressant, improves immune function, and stimulates activity in the brain. Clinical observation shows improvement in many conditions including diabetes, kidney stones, arthritis and post-operative healing. Pain control and vision have also improved. Psychological studies report increased levels of happiness, relaxation, positive outlook, calmness and peace.

If we supply our body with the energy it needs will we be able to thrive.

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